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Methanol drip Droppers

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Methanol drip Droppers

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Methanol drip Droppers
     Drip often become: Droppers, three Droppers, stainless steel Droppers, methanol Droppers, methanol Droppers, kerosene Droppers, kerosene drip, drip needle gauges, tee Droppers, long Droppers like.
     Droppers: made of stainless steel, carbon steel.
     Drop volume media: methanol, kerosene and the like.
     Use drip furnace: box-type heat treatment furnace, carburizing furnace, nitrogen furnace, roller furnace, converter, trolley-type heat treatment furnace, Pit heat treatment furnace, mesh belt furnace carburizing production lines.
Methanol drip Droppers
     Drip effect: drip is mainly used for carburizing furnaces, organic liquid drip mesh belt furnace, bright processing furnace thermal equipment, in order to achieve a variety of chemical processing and heat treatment processing, divided steel drip and stainless steel drip.
     Methanol drip can also be mounted directly on the outer wellhead natural gas transmission pipeline, which consists of upper and lower cylinder respectively with Head, located in overlapping stents and communicating tubes between the upper and lower cylinder, the cylinder on top The following features methanol inlet, vent and balanced mouth, said lower cylinder, respectively, with methanol export and outfall, the above is also provided with a pressure gauge on the cylinder port, the use of methanol in gas pressure drip system height difference, methanol own gravity, methanol is dropped into the natural gas pipeline, eliminating the original alcohol injection pump, injection alcohol pipeline corrosion and other initial investment and a lot of running costs, operation and easy maintenance.

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