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Box tempering furnace

Box tempering furnace is the national standard cycle operation box furnace, roof mounted inside a hot air circulating fan, mainly for steel products, metal parts heat treatment, as well as aluminum, copper solid melting, annealing, aging oth

Box tempering furnace

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Box tempering furnace
     Box tempering furnace is the national standard cycle operation box furnace, roof mounted inside a hot air circulating fan, mainly for steel products, metal parts heat treatment, as well as aluminum, copper solid melting, annealing, aging other light alloy heat treatment. Used in conjunction with the control cabinet can be manually or automatically controlled furnace temperature.
     The box-type resistance furnace structure mainly by the furnace, lining, floor furnace, heating elements, roller, circulatory system, door control part of the system and other components. Furnace frame is made of channels and angles welding production, the use of Q235 steel plate welded shell side, the structure solid and reliable, the overall strength, not easily deformed, flat and smooth appearance. All welds polished furnace process, and Calibrating with iron putty, rust after thermal spraying, according to user-supplied color paint coating. Lining for the whole fiber structure, total fiber lining thickness 240mm, using standard Luyang use vacuum rejection of silk production, compressed density ≥220Kg / m3; inserts using scientific and reasonable method, this structure is rare in thermal bridge short circuit appears, it is to combine the two stacked flat production, air tightness is good, with a solid and reliable, easy maintenance, long life, energy saving effect, light weight furnace, furnace shell temperature rise is small. ZG3Cr18Mn12Si2N use made of heat-resistant steel furnace floor, for shelving with the workpiece, using new forms of fastener production, to prevent oxidation of the workpiece fall on the skin to form a short circuit heating element, heat-resistant steel furnace floor block production, reduce high temperatures deformation and cracking. The heating element according to the uniformity of furnace temperature of rational distribution of power, the heating elements are arranged on four sides around the side wall, back wall and bottom; 0Cr21Al5 alloy resistance heating elements made of corrugated tape wound. Left and right side wall, back wall and door were using the new ceramic fiber lining hanging on the screws, the heating element to hang on the door portion of the fiber inserts in the form of a concave frame structure, to avoid colliding with the furnace door opening lift ; heating element on the bottom of the strip tile in brick masonry tank, a small hook with a fixed shape, its surface load than other parts of the heating element to be small. Using the new porcelain screw hanging way that does not produce short circuit, replacement and maintenance more convenient.
     Box tempering furnace door frame channel steel production, side and bottom with Q235 steel plate welded structure solid and reliable, easy deformation and warpage, good overall strength. Electric door opening, using 0.5T hoist. Air circulation system in order to achieve a uniform standard furnace temperature at the top of the furnace to increase a fan stirring device, enhanced air as convection oven, into the furnace return air from both sides of the roof. Entire furnace for the heat-resistant stainless steel construction, a 3mm stainless steel inner chamber, stainless steel is mainly used for wind action fan.
Box tempering furnace
     Box tempering furnace using a standard control cabinet. The main control system control cabinets internationally popular cabinet. Temperature control of the main circuit using high-power zero-crossing triac trigger power regulator, SCR uses air-cooled form, with overload, overheating and overcurrent protection functions. This regulatory function points automatic and manual mode, automatic forming automatic temperature control process and temperature tables. Manual and temperature control off, manually adjust the power. Limited heating power and other functions in automatic or manual mode. Temperature control instrumentation use of advanced high-precision significant number of self-tuning PID setting instruments, with multi-range input, the temperature can be set, a variety of alarm functions. Thermocouple temperature signals to the receiver operation millivolt signal is amplified and then converted, the digital meter output 4-20mA current signal, control accuracy ± 1 ℃. The temperature control with a thermocouple correction function, power limit function and over-temperature alarm function. When the door opens automatically cut off the heating main circuit, interlock protection. The instrument has a temperature high precision, stable furnace temperature, temperature fluctuations small advantages; furnace temperature are recorded by UOB paper recorder, temperature and holding time for real-time printing process curve, recording temperature, while the realization of the primary heating circuit monitoring function , to effectively monitor the entire production process. The design of the cabinet voltage, current instruction sheet to facilitate the operator to observe whether the district heating work properly, slows down when heated, is conducive to troubleshoot and resolve faults.
Box tempering furnace technical parameters:
Parameter Unit  Model
RX3-30-6 RX3-45-6 RX3-60-6 RX3-75-6
Rated power KW 30 45 60 75
Rated voltage V 380
Maximum temperature 650
Working temperature 650
Phase Phase 3
 Length mm 950 1200 1500 1800
Width mm 450 600 750 900
High mm 350 400 450 550
Connection   Y
Heating time h 1.5-2
Temperature accuracy ±1
Maximum load capacity Kg 200 400 800 1600
Weight Kg 2000 2600 3700 4800

* Can be designed according to user requirements of various chamber sizes, different specifications of box-type furnace.

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