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tilt trolley resistance furnace

RTF series tilting tilting car type resistance furnace is the national standard energy saving type of periodic type operation furnace, super energy-saving structure, power saving 80%. Trolley with anti-collision seal bricks, automatic turnin

tilt trolley resistance furnace

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Tilting tilting car type resistance furnace
RTF series tilting tilting car type resistance furnace is the national standard energy saving type of periodic type operation furnace, super energy-saving structure, power saving 80%. Trolley with anti-collision seal bricks, automatic turning the brick body, self sealing door and trolley, integration even rail without installed base, put in level ground and foundation pad iron or expansion screws can be used. Mainly used for high chromium, high manganese steel castings, nodular graphite cast iron, roll, steel ball, 45 steel, stainless steel and other quenching, annealing, timeliness and various mechanical parts heat treatment.
This series can be used for welding of steel plate and steel, the bottom of the furnace body and the light rail are integrated, and the user does not need to be installed.
Lining using super light-weight refractory brick lining, compared with the traditional brick furnace energy-saving 80% by high-quality long fiber blanket thorn, diatomaceous brick, vermiculite powder for heat preservation material, furnace using heavy collision brick, car surface layer heavy high aluminum pressure proof brick. Labyrinth refractories is adopted between the furnace body and the trolley, through the self action of the sealing mechanism to reduce furnace of thermal radiation and convection loss, and improve the temperature uniformity in the furnace.
Tiltable rotary trolley furnace heating element with high temperature resistance alloy wire is wound into a spiral and distribution in the furnace side, door, wall and placing a trolley shelf silk brick, and fixed with GB spigot brick, simple and safe.
A cast steel furnace bottom plate, which is equipped with high temperature and high temperature, is used to load the workpiece. In order to prevent the oxidation of the oxide skin from the workpiece heated to the furnace floor, the gap between the furnace and the bottom plate is caused by the heating element. In order to ensure the normal use, often sweeping car bottom furnace bottom of the oxide scale, usually a week to purge a, blow sweep the furnace bottom of the lift, with compressed air resistance wire groove oxide dander purge clean, pay attention to prevent oxidation pickup in the furnace wire caused by short circuit.
Door door, door device comprises a lifting mechanism and a clamping device composed of the door. Door shell by steel and sheet metal welding and firm frame structure, with refractory fiber repression module stack shop, requires the heat insulation performance is good, light weight and so on. Furnace door lifting device uses an electric device, mainly by the furnace door frame, a furnace door lifting beam, deceleration machine, a chain wheel, a transmission shaft and the bearing part composition, furnace door lifting through deceleration device on the positive and negative transmission to drive the door lifting. The reducer is equipped with a braking device can effectively prevent the lifting door, door displacement in the lifting process. Door clamping device adopts domestic advanced spring clamp structure, when the need to upgrade the stove, the weight of the door through the lever will be releasing the door automatically, after rising and removed from a distance, when the door is falling into place. The door down to the trolley pulley above the need to press, by the elastic force of the spring by leverage door level move to press the sealing state. Such a structure, the clamping device the door on the plane of the fiber and the furnace mouth between cotton without friction, has good safety performance, long mission.
tilt trolley resistance furnace
The frame of the car frame is welded by steel, and the steel is not deformed at full load. Used in masonry of refractory brick and easy collision parts and parts of the bearing with heavy brick masonry, and enhance the strength of the lining structure, the trolley walking a self-propelled structure, by the speed reducer drive sprocket drive go round in orbit walk. The car seal adopts automatic labyrinth type structure seal, the car enters the furnace through the cam and the roller surface slope function, automatically rises after sealing. Out of the car, the sealing groove automatically fall, seal groove sealed by sand fill that often need not add. Open a car, lifting door are electric control, equipped with electromagnetic brake, preventing the inertial impact of the furnace body and linkage control that is slightly open the door, automatically cut off the heating element, and restore trolley traveling mechanism power supply. The door closed, automatically cut off the power supply trolley running mechanism, and restore the power of the heating element.
Tilting hydraulic mechanism: the use of motor, piston pump, solenoid valve, hydraulic cylinder and other combination into a hydraulic power flip mechanism, control cabinet electric button control, the installation of anti tipping device, to ensure the use of safe and convenient.
Tilting tilting car type resistance furnace
Characteristics of tilting tilting car type resistance furnace:
1, from the oven door open - car pulled out to the very edge of the pool - trolley inclination, all the workpieces are dumped into the quenching tank full time in about 1 minute. Workpiece into the quenching medium time, improve the quality of heat treatment process;
2, can tilt the type of car type resistance furnace heating temperature using PID zero trigger SCR, high precision intelligent table temperature control, high temperature control accuracy, temperature fluctuation 1. Record the temperature and the temperature of the alarm, double control, ensure that the workpiece is heated not over temperature, and the temperature can be set according to the process;
3, the car is inclined to adopt the electric hydraulic device, the car is inclined to be stable, and the inclination angle is more than 35;
4, tilt the trolley, trolley passes in and out, lifting door are electric control and interlock protection device is arranged, can prevent failures and accidents caused by incorrect operation;
5, no pollution, good environmental protection.

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