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What precautions oven?
1. After the oven connected to the power, you can open two groups heating switch, blower switch is turned on first, the blower to work, then the control buttons to set the instrument you need temperature.
2. When the oven temperature to rise to the desired temperature, light off. May occur at the beginning thermostatic temperature continues to rise, which was heat affected, this phenomenon is about half an hour will stabilize. In the constant temperature process, with the temperature inside the automatic temperature control, without manual management.
3. Thermostat can be turned off when a group of heating switch, leaving only an electric heater working group, in order to avoid too much power, influence the sensitivity of the thermostat.
4. Should be placed at the level of the oven interior.
5. Steel should be installed in the supply line of a knife switch for this special case, and the chassis ground.
6. Please check this box before energizing the electrical properties, and should pay attention to whether open or leakage phenomenon.
7. When everything is ready to be placed in the sample, close the oven door while unscrewing the exhaust valve at the top, then you can connect the power to work.
8. Can not remove any of the side door, disturb or alter the line, only when the box fails to remove the side door, press the line one by one check. If a major fault, please contact us.
9. Non-oven-proof oven, so with flammable volatile items, not into the oven, in order to avoid an explosion.
10. Each test oven with two shelves. Shelf average load of 15 kg each, not too dense and overload when the sample is placed, so as not to affect the hot air convection. In the bottom panel of the studio while cooling the sample can not be placed to prevent overheating and damage to the sample.

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