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Annealing furnace Features
Annealing is a heat treatment furnace in a common electric equipment. As an energy-efficient furnace operation cycle, its super energy-saving structure so that it can be up to 60%.
Common car type annealing furnace has annealing furnace, annealing furnace, box-type annealing furnace.
Car-annealing furnace all-fiber structure, saving up to 30%, car anti-collision seal bricks, self-sealing door car and integration even track, no foundation installation, can be used on level ground. Simple trolley type annealing furnace operation, stable performance, no noise, no pollution, good sealing, long life, is mainly used for heat treatment of high chromium, high manganese steel castings, ductile iron, and other mechanical parts used.
Pit annealing temperature using a thermocouple and intelligent digital temperature controller for temperature control, temperature control device which can be controlled according to the temperature setting, and shows the theoretical and measured values, in addition, it has over-temperature audible alarm function. Annealing furnace insulation and sealing is very good, the workpiece after annealing, the surface is very clean, no decarburization phenomenon, very little oxidation, and its load-bearing part of the use of heavy aluminum brick, therefore, load-bearing capacity is very strong. Annealing furnace often used in copper, stainless steel, steel and metal parts, such as annealing heat treatment.
Box-type annealing furnace lining all-fiber structure, relatively brick hearth saving of around 60%, which uses high-quality long fiber thorn blanket as raw material, can be made based on a variety of furnace, and in the process left a certain amount of compression such that the module after the masonry is completed, each ceramic fiber block expansion in different directions, increasing the sealing between the modules, to achieve good heat storage effect; convenient box annealing furnace construction, can be directly fixed to the furnace shell plate stainless steel anchor nailed round. Its loading capacity, high productivity, especially for small and medium-sized parts of the heating heat, it also has excellent corrosion resistance, shock resistance, thermal insulation is also very high. Box-type annealing furnace is mainly used for heat treatment of high chromium, high manganese steel castings, stainless steel hardening, annealing, and other mechanical parts used.

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