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Trolley furnace Precautions
1, the operator must be aware of the following points before servicing trolley furnace:
Structure and properties of A, furnace and its auxiliary equipment.
B, distribution systems, and control the position of the safety device is arranged such systems.
C, operating processes and safety procedures.
2, the preparatory work to check:
A, the power to check whether the device is normal, if there is loss of phase, short circuit or bare wires and so on.
B, check the grounding wire at the contact is good.
C, check whether there is damage to the heating elements where each connection at the contact is good, there is no place and the furnace and in contact with the casing.
D, check the temperature control system if there is not a normal phenomenon.
E, check the door lift, car access is functioning.
3, corrosive, volatile, explosive gases allowed to enter the workpiece furnace processing, so as not to affect the heating elements and refractory life and cause explosions and other accidents.
4, must not over-temperature furnace operation, otherwise it will shorten the life of the equipment.
5, scale much need to clear the workpiece into the furnace, available under the wire brush.
6, the workpiece evenly stacked away from the heating element should be around 100-150mm.
7, is strictly prohibited barbaric operation, the workpiece should be careful to avoid shock.
8, when the furnace using the operator must not leave the post, we must pay attention to the furnace working conditions are normal.
9, when the furnace during the loading and unloading of the workpiece, the power must be cut off the heating element to ensure the safety of the operator.
10, furnace oxides (including under the electric wire) should always be cleaned at least once or five times a week once the furnace. Compressed air is available under the oven floor.
11 If, after using the resistance wire, it will not hit kinked avoid breakage.
12, note:
A, electric motors require periodic inspection, lubrication, etc., pay attention to safety.
B, at the shaft sleeve must always check lubrication to prevent damage due to lack of oil and bushings.
C, periodically check the use of the heating element.
D, periodic calibration instruments, the use of the thermocouple, the instrument to prevent the thermocouple temperature measurement error caused by incorrect.

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