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Quenching and cooling equipment classification

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Quenching and cooling equipment classification
Quenching cooling equipment is classified according to the cooling process: immersion quenching equipment, jet quenching equipment, quenching machine and quenching press, special quenching cooling device. The installation of quenching cooling equipment is classified according to the quenching cooling medium: water quenching medium cooling equipment, saline solution quenching tank, caustic soda solution quenching tank, polymer solution quenching tank, oil quenching medium cooling equipment, bath quenching tank, gas quenching cooling device, Dual-media or multi-media quenching and cooling device.
1. Classification according to cooling process
    ①Immersion liquid quenching equipment. When using liquid immersion quenching equipment for quenching, the workpiece is directly immersed in the quenching medium. The main body of the equipment is a tank containing quenching medium, and can be provided with a medium supply and discharge pipeline, a medium heating device, a medium stirring and moving device, a quenching conveying machine and a medium cooling circulation device, etc.
    ② Jet quenching equipment. The equipment is divided into spray type and spray type. Liquid spraying is to spray liquid medium and cool the workpiece. The cooling intensity can be controlled by the spray pressure, flow rate and distance. The spray type is to cool the workpiece by blowing air or gas-liquid mixture, and its cooling capacity can be controlled by controlling the pressure, flow rate, and the amount and distance of water in the air flow.
    ③Quenching machine and quenching press. The quenching machine and quenching press are quenching mechanical devices designed according to the shape of the workpiece. The workpiece is quenched under mechanical pressure or limit. The main purpose of using this device is to reduce the quenching deformation of the workpiece.
    ④Special quenching and cooling device.
Quenching and cooling equipment
Quenching and cooling equipment
2. Classification by quenching cooling medium
    ①Water quenching medium cooling equipment. This type of equipment mainly refers to a tank containing water quenching medium. The water has a large heat capacity and a strong cooling capacity. When the workpiece is quenched in water, it is easy to form a vapor film on the surface of the workpiece, which hinders cooling. To this end, the quenching tank should be equipped with a stirrer or other device to move the medium to destroy the vapor film and make the temperature of the medium uniform. The water temperature is controlled at 15-25 ° C to obtain a consistent quenching effect.
    ② Quenching tank of saline solution. The structure of the saline solution quenching tank is basically similar to the quenching tank. When the workpiece is quenched in brine, the vapor film is not easy to form, so the brine tank is usually not equipped with a stirrer. The allowable temperature range of quenched brine is also wider. The brine cooling circulation system generally does not use a cooler, and the pumps and pipelines used should take salt corrosion into account.
    ③ Quenching tank of caustic soda solution. The structure of this tank is similar to the brine solution tank.
    ④Quenching tank for polymer solution. The structure of this tank is similar to the quenching tank. When the workpiece is quenched in this medium, a thin layer of polymer tends to adhere, which affects the cooling capacity. Therefore, this tank should be equipped with a stirrer.
    ⑤ Oil quenching medium cooling equipment / quenching oil tank. This equipment mainly refers to the tank for oil quenching medium. The viscosity of the oil is large, and it affects the cooling capacity and temperature uniformity, so the oil tank should control the oiltemperature and strengthen the stirring. The oil temperature is generally 40 ~95 ℃. The oil tank should be equipped with an oil cooling circulation system and a heating device. It should also prevent water from entering and set up drains.
    ⑥ Bath quenching tank. The bath quenching tank refers to the salt bath or lead bath quenching tank.
    ⑦ Gas quenching and cooling device.
    ⑧Double-media or multi-media quenching and cooling device.

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