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DM muffle tank mesh belt furnace

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DM muffle tank  mesh belt furnace
  The picture shows the structure of mesh belt furnace with pot. Related products include: mesh belt quenching furnace, mesh belt tempering furnace, etc.
  The mesh belt drive of this mesh belt furnace drives the mesh belt by the bottom plate of the furnace. The mesh belt is placed on the supporting plate evenly, and the supporting plate is supported by the high-temperature porcelain ball in the arc groove of the furnace pot, and forms a forward and backward system with a group of rollers, pressing wheels and driving mechanism in front of the furnace. The pallet is driven by an eccentric wheel that generates a reciprocating motion when the pallet advances. Friction with the mesh belt drives the mesh belt forward. When the pallet retracts, the mesh belt stops moving, causing the mesh belt to advance stepwise. This transmission mode is less subject to mechanical tension, so it is not easy to extend and deform. The mesh belt is equipped with a pressing device to prevent the mesh belt from slipping and to make the running speed uniform. The mesh belt is displaced to the blanking opening, and is returned to the furnace by the liquid return groove and then circulated.
  The workpiece is placed on the mesh belt, which is relatively stationary and heated steadily through the furnace. The heating time is controlled by the operation of the stepless speed regulation mesh belt. The heated work piece will automatically fall into the oil tank through the muffle tank through the muffle tank.The furnace mouth is sealed by the protective gas combustion products and fire curtain sprayed from the furnace chamber.
Schematic diagram of the structure of a belt mesh furnace with a pot
Figure: Schematic diagram of the structure of a belt mesh furnace with a pot
1—Drum drive mechanism 2—Drum drive 3—Loading table 4—Mesh belt 5—Drive mechanism of furnace floor 6—Fire curtain 7—Sealed tank 8—Shell 9—Furnace lining 10—Furnace 11—Thermocouple 12—Floating bottom plate 13—Gas inlet  14—Slideway 15—Quenching agent curtain 16—Quenching tank 17—Net belt return channel 18—Water seal

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