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Maintenance and maintenance of mesh belt quenching furnace

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Maintenance and maintenance of mesh belt quenching furnace
  1. Every month, supply oil to the support roller support bearings of the mesh belt quenching furnace with grease, and the fan bearings should be regularly oiled.
  2. Fill the bearings of the remaining transmission parts regularly every three or so.
  3. The drive chain is regularly cleaned and lubricated with oil injection every half a month.
  4. Check the mesh belt work on duty every day.
  5. Check the operation of each transmission system on duty every day.
  6. Every day, check whether the operation of the fan is normal, whether there is vibration or noise.
  7. Check the smooth flow of cooling water on duty. Once the cooling water is blocked, it should be dredged in time.
  8. Check whether the flowmeters are normal on duty every day.
  9. Check the heating status of the radiant tube of the mesh belt quenching furnace every day on duty, whether the electrical connection is tight, and the current and voltmeter in each area should be free of phase loss or abnormal conditions.
  10. Check the chain operation on duty every day, there should be no abnormalities or noise.
  11. Check the level of the quenching tank on duty every day. If it is lower than the set value, the quenching fluid should be added immediately.
  12. The dripper should be cleaned once every five days, and replaced if necessary (the stirring fan should be stopped first)
  13. The fixing screws and electrical contacts of each part are inspected regularly every month.
  14. The stirring fan belt is regularly checked once a month.
  15. After three months of operation, the radiant tube is drawn out and cleaned and turned 180 degrees.
  16. The rear exhaust blower should be cleaned regularly every three months.
  17. The fire curtain in the preheating area should be taken out and checked once every four months.
  18. The transmission reducer periodically changes the gear shaft oil once every six months.
  19. The cooling water pipeline should be cleaned regularly every six months (depending on the water quality).
  20. Exhaust hoods, pipes and discharge ports of the quenching furnace are regularly checked and cleaned once a year.
  21. Do not use flowmeters as stop valves.

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