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Energy-saving industrial electric stove

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Energy-saving industrial electric stove
  Energy-saving industrial electric furnace refers to an industrial electric furnace with energy-saving effect. Energy-saving industrial electric furnace can not only create a green environment and reduce energy consumption. It can also reduce the production cost of heat treatment enterprises. The energy-saving electric furnace is a furnace that is heated by electric energy. The circuit of the electric furnace is provided with a circuit on-off regulator. The regulating circuit is composed of a regulating circuit, a rectifying and stabilizing circuit, a time control circuit and a relay. The regulating circuit is divided into multiple gears The time control circuit is composed of a charge and discharge circuit and an integrated circuit. The output of the time control circuit controls the opening and closing of the relay. The structure design of the utility model is simple and reasonable, safe and reliable, which can fully achieve the purpose of energy saving and is an efficient and energy-saving. Electric stove.
  1. Energy-saving industrial electric furnace lining: using high-quality long-fiber barbed blanket as raw material, using special equipment to make 300 × 300 × 300 specification modules, and leaving a certain amount of compression in the processing process to ensure that the module is completed after masonry, Each ceramic fiber block expands in different directions, so that the modules are squeezed into a gap-free whole to achieve a perfect heat storage effect, and the product is easy and fast to construct, and can be directly fixed on the stainless steel anchor round nail of the furnace shell steel plate. Compared with other products, the advantages are fast heating, low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity, excellent thermal stability, thermal shock resistance and thermal insulation. This kind of furnace lining maintenance is very convenient. If it is damaged due to mechanical collision, it can be used as long as it is partially repaired. This furnace lining also has the characteristics of easy installation and short construction time. The data provided by the user proves that it is more than 40% more energy-efficient than the brick lining.
  2. Energy-saving industrial electric furnace electric control system energy-saving transformation: adopt thyristor or solid-state relay, intelligent temperature controller to achieve continuous PID adjustment control of the furnace heating temperature zone, temperature control accuracy is ± 1 ℃. Changed the control system of the old resistance furnace to use a contactor. Its disadvantage is that it continues to buffer about 6 degrees after reaching the set temperature. Practice has proved that after the energy-saving transformation of industrial furnaces does not achieve energy-saving effects, it also shortens the working time. Therefore, the energy-saving transformation of industrial furnaces is currently the main way to reduce costs and improve work efficiency.

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