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Characteristics of heat treatment bath furnace

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Characteristics of heat treatment bath furnace
  Heat treatment bath is a heat treatment furnace that heats or cools a workpiece using a liquid medium. The medium is a molten salt, a molten metal or alloy, a molten alkali, an oil, or the like. The commonly used salt (alkali) ratio and temperature range are shown in the attached table.
Advantages of the heat treatment bath:
    1. The bath has a wide operating temperature range (60-1350 °C), which can complete a variety of processes, but annealing is not possible;
    2. The furnace heating speed is fast, the temperature is uniform, and it is not easy to be oxidized and decarburized;
    3. The furnace structure of the bath furnace is simple and has a long service life at high temperature;
    4. The bath furnace is suitable for workpieces with small size, complex shape and high surface quality requirements (such as cutting tools, molds, measuring tools and some precision parts);
    5. The furnace mouth is open for easy hanging and small deformation of the workpiece.
Disadvantages of heat treatment bath::
    1. The furnace is less loaded and only suitable for heating small and medium parts;
    2. The bath requires more auxiliary time, such as start-up, deoxidation, etc.
    3. Bath furnace media consumption is high, heat treatment cost is high;
    4. The furnace mouth of the bath is often open, and the salt bath surface has more heat dissipation and lowers the heat efficiency;
    5. The bath medium evaporates, worsening working conditions and polluting the environment;
    6. Bath furnace operation technology requirements are high, it is necessary to prevent the introduction of moisture, causing splash or explosion, etc.;
    7. Bath furnaces need to be equipped with auxiliary equipment such as transformers and exhaust fans.

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