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ChengChi industrial furnace to science and technology, introduce and absorb the most new heat treatment process and design and manufacturing concept. Professional provide all kinds of heat treatment equipment

HeFei LuJiang Chengchi Industrial Furnace Factory
Telephone:  +86 551-8776 6627
Mobile :  +86 138 6612 6226
Fax:   +86 551-877 666 27
Address: No.17 Juner Middle Road LuJiang HeFei City AnHui China
Website: 工业炉:www.chenchr.com , 淬火槽:www.cuihuocao.com, industrial furnace:www.industrial-furnace.com , 箱式炉:www.chengchi.net.cn , 电热烘箱:www.chengchi.ah.cn , 工业电炉:www.chengchi.net
E-mail: hfchengchi@163.com
Zip: 231500


Factory Address: Intersection of Nanhuan Road and Chengxi Avenue,Lujiang High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Hefei City, Anhui Province, China