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Industrial furnace thermocouple installation methods

The figure below shows several mounting forms thermocouple, thermocouple in forging shop in the wider application. But in a larger vibration forging shop, take anti-vibration slots facilities, to avoid affecting the accuracy of the instrumen... (more…)

Principle of bright annealing

Bright annealing is refers to the cold rolled plate surface in a protective atmosphere without oxidation and decarburization annealing does not take. Protection of the atmosphere has a single inert gas argon or helium, also have a mixture of... (more…)

The use of different crucible

Crucible can be divided into the graphite crucible, clay crucible and metal crucible (cast iron pot, stainless steel crucible and so on) three categories. Graphite crucible, is a crystalline form of natural graphite as the main raw material,... (more…)

Hot air circulation oven manuals

Hot air circulation oven manuals 1.Must pay attention to the supply voltage can meet the 1 before use. When in use, must be grounded outlet line according to the rules to stop grounding. 2.in electricity use, electric local avoid touching t... (more…)

Heat treatment and harm FAQ

Heat treatment and harm FAQ Overheat Accessories from the roller bearing parts rough mouth microstructure was observed after quenching overheating. But to determine the exact extent of overheating must observe the microstructure. If there is... (more…)

Spheroidizing annealing scope

Spheroidizing mainly used in steel and eutectoid eutectoid steel, such as carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, bearing steel. These steels are rolled, forged air cooling, the resulting organization is lamellar pearlite and cementite network,... (more…)

Trolley furnace Precautions

Trolley furnace Precautions 1, the operator must be aware of the following points before servicing trolley furnace: Structure and properties of A, furnace and its auxiliary equipment. B, distribution systems, and control the position of the... (more…)

Aging treatment

Aging treatment To eliminate the measuring precision molds or parts used in the long dimensions , shape changes , often at a low temperature tempering ( tempering temperature 150-250 ℃) before finishing the workpiece reheated to 100-150 ℃... (more…)


Nigrescence is a chemical surface treatment, its main role is a dense layer of oxide film formed on the surface of the workpiece, the workpiece to prevent rust corrosion, improve the wear resistance of the workpiece, it is only a surface tre... (more…)

The Heat Treatment Effects of time and temperature

The Heat Treatment Effects of time and temperature Proper heat treating requires precise control over temperature, time held at a certain temperature and cooling rate. With the exception of stress-relieving, tempering, and aging, most heat... (more…)