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Quenching and cooling equipment classification

Quenching cooling equipment is classified according to the cooling process: immersion quenching equipment, jet quenching equipment, quenching machine and quenching press, special quenching cooling device. The installation of quenching coolin... (more…)

The role and requirements of quenching and cooling equipment

Quenching and cooling equipment is to control the composition, temperature, flow rate, pressure and motion state of quenching cooling medium to meet the purpose of obtaining the expected structure and performance of the quenched parts. There... (more…)

Causes of unqualified hardness and preventive measures against unqualified hardness

n the practice of heat treatment production, it will produce various defects, such as cracking, severe deformation, unqualified hardness and unqualified performance, etc. Different defects have the same causes, and the corresponding preventi... (more…)

Safety technology of heat treatment bath furnace

Heat treatment lead bath furnaces are ordered by the National Development and Reform Commission of the People's Republic of China, No. 40, "Guidance Catalogue for Industrial Structure Adjustment (2005 Version)" Article 10: Machinery 1. Heat ... (more…)

Isothermal annealing

Isothermal annealing is a special form of complete annealing and the development of complete annealing. Most of it is also used for heat treatment of sub-eutectoid steel and eutectoid steel. Advantage: Isothermal annealing is now widely use... (more…)

Residual stress annealing

In general, mechanical products always have residual stress on the processed surface. If the product is not properly annealed, it will deform under improper exposure to heat sources (such as sunlight, heat engines, etc.). The residual stress... (more…)

DM muffle tank mesh belt furnace

The mesh belt drive of this mesh belt furnace drives the mesh belt by the bottom plate of the furnace. The mesh belt is placed on the supporting plate evenly, and the supporting plate is supported by the high-temperature porcelain ball in th... (more…)

Shutdown of continuous mesh belt heat treatment furnace production line

he quenching furnace of the continuous mesh belt heat treatment furnace production line is shut down.Confirm that all the processed workpieces have been quenched and cooled, and the furnace shutdown process steps are as follows:... (more…)

Energy-saving industrial electric stove

Energy-saving industrial electric furnace refers to an industrial electric furnace with energy-saving effect. Energy-saving industrial electric furnace can not only create a green environment and reduce energy consumption. It can also reduce... (more…)

Maintenance and maintenance of mesh belt quenching furnace

Every month, supply oil to the support roller support bearings of the mesh belt quenching furnace with grease, and the fan bearings should be regularly oiled.Fill the bearings of the remaining transmission parts regularly every three or so.... (more…)