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Advantages of the inverted trolley furnace

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Advantages of the inverted trolley furnace
1. The inverted trolley furnace saves energy and reduces production cost: due to the structure of the whole fiber furnace and the good thermal insulation performance, it can save about 1/4 of the energy of the same type of furnace.
2. The heat transfer of the inverted trolley furnace is uniform and the product quality is improved: the heating method is a uniform heating element on both sides, which avoids the conventional formation of a dead angle due to the bottom layer, and the temperature is too low, thereby affecting the processing effect of the casting.
3. The inverted trolley furnace is easy to operate and meets the requirements of workpiece heating process: According to the heating process, as long as the temperature control instrument is adjusted, the workpiece heating process requirement can be achieved.
4, the inverted trolley furnace body is durable, reduce maintenance: the furnace body does not collide almost not bad, in case the casting is not loaded and damaged the furnace body, as long as the trolley is pulled out, the fiber can be added, no need to stop the furnace repair ( Because the furnace itself does not absorb heat, it cannot release heat.)
5. The inverted trolley furnace is easy to use and reduces labor intensity.

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